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Mark B. Skellenger, P.E.
Vice President

Cedar Point Pump Station — City of Sandusky

Under contract with the City of Sandusky, KS Associates evaluated the condition of an existing pump station and force main located in the parking lot of Cedar Point Amusement Park. KS performed flow monitoring to determine current and projected flow rates. This information was used to prepare a detailed preliminary engineering report for the City of Sandusky. The report provided the City with options for addressing current deficiencies and future needs, including rehabilitating the existing structure versus constructing a new pump station, and the associated costs and benefits of a variety of options.

As a result of the preliminary engineering report, a new 2,800 gpm pump station and 14” force main was designed to replace the existing facilities.

The force main required design of approximately 9,960 lineal feet (L.F.) of 14” ductile iron pipe including three aerial bridge crossings. KS obtained approval for the bridge crossings from the U.S. Coast Guard. Approximately 2,820 L.F. of 27” gravity sanitary sewer was designed to allow for the relocation of the pump station.

Throughout the design process KS met with City maintenance personnel on a regular basis to review the various design elements. This was a key element for the City in that the previous pump station designs were not easily maintained.

Overall design of the project required coordination between the City and the Amusement Park for structure location and aesthetic qualities. The project is unique in that the design accommodated large flow rate changes due to seasonal conditions. Two sets of two pumps were utilized to accommodate the 1,050 gpm to 2,800 gpm flow rate differential. The pump selection also incorporated provisions for a future upgrade to 3,300 gpm. The new pump station structure was designed as a cast-in-place concrete structure 27 feet below grade with a 1.5 story masonry building above grade.

As part of our Construction Administration Services, KS Associates provided up to three full-time resident project representatives, conducting weekly progress meetings and maintaining the construction schedule.

The project construction was completed on time and under budget by 2.2%.

A unique aspect of this $4.5 million project was designing the pump station to accommodate large flow rate changes due to Cedar Point Amusement Park’s seasonal conditions.