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Mark B. Skellenger, P.E.
Vice President

Cleveland Road East Sanitary Sewer Improvements — Erie County Department of Environmental Services

The Erie County Sanitary Engineer selected KS Associates to design a new sanitary trunk sewer to replace an old, undersized 10-inch sewer on US Route 6 / Cleveland Road East from Seneca Drive westerly to the Ontario Street Pump Station. Preliminary services included a detailed analysis and prediction of sewage flows which was developed from a two-year history of water consumption records. This study became the basis for sizing the sanitary trunk sewer.

KS Associates prepared plans, specifications and an opinion of probable construction costs for the project, which included 923 lineal feet (L.F.) of 21-inch, 1,597 L.F. of 18-inch and 164 L.F. of 12-inch sanitary sewer with manholes and appurtenances

The project was an Ohio Public Work Commission (OPWC) funded project, requiring a minority business set-aside. The project was designed and specified with an MBE requirement for pipe materials and for concrete pavement, sidewalk and driveway replacements. KS Associates performed customary bidding services for the Owner including distributing bid documents, issuing addenda, and attending the bid opening. The prime contract was 6.5% below the Engineer’s Estimate.

The County requested that KS provide construction administration services and a full-time resident project representative (RPR) for the construction phase of the project. Construction started in December 1995 and substantial completion was achieved in August 1996. KS held monthly progress meetings with the contractor and the owner, processed pay estimates, reviewed certified payroll reports and processed change orders. The project was a difficult one, with the Contractor causing a number of water main breaks, working well beyond the contractual date for substantial completion and needing to make many repairs after testing was performed.