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Mark B. Skellenger, P.E.
Vice President

Forestlawn Ditch Improvement and Expansion Project — Sheffield Lake, Ohio

As upstream areas develop, downstream areas can face increasing drainage problems. The City of Sheffield Lake, a lakefront community, is directly impacted by upstream neighbors. The southern block of nine residential streets suffered from severe flooding during moderate rain events.

Construction of storm sewers along the nine streets was the ultimate solution. However, to provide an immediate solution to the flooding and to minimize costs, an alternate solution was needed. The Forestlawn Ditch Improvement and Expansion Project was developed to route the storm water away from the residential area.

The existing right-of-way along Forestlawn Avenue, a proposed “paper” street, was cleared. A new ditch was excavated to replace the overgrown existing swale. The 3,774-linear-foot ditch was designed to intercept the runoff from a 104-acre area south of the city. Soils from the excavation were used to construct an embankment on the north bank of the ditch. This provided an additional flooding barrier and eliminated the cost of removing the material from the project site.

Soils removed from the excavation were used to construct an embankment. Not only did this provide an additional flood barrier, it saved the cost of removing excess soils from the site.