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Mark B. Skellenger, P.E.
Vice President

State Route 4 Waterline Project — Erie County Department of Environmental Services

The Erie County Sanitary Engineer selected KS Associates to design a new replacement waterline along State Route 4 from Bogart Road on the south, proceeding north and crossing State Route 2, and terminating at Strub Road. KS Associates prepared plans, specifications and an opinion of probable construction costs for the project, which included 4,825 lineal feet (L.F.) of 16-inch PVC C-905 waterline, 11 fire hydrants and 16 service connections. The new waterline was intended to replace an undersized 6-inch waterline, in order to improve the water distribution system and to provide adequate flows for fire protection.

The State Route 2 and Strub Road crossings were major items of cost for this project. In light of this, the project was bid with two alternates for the highway crossings: jack and bore construction (casing pipe with carrier pipe), and horizontal directional drilling with 18-inch diameter high density polyethylene pipe (no casing pipe). Except for the roadway crossings, the waterline was to be construction within easements obtained by the County. KS Associates prepared 11 metes and bounds descriptions for permanent and temporary easements that were needed for the project. The county was particularly concerned about avoiding disruptions in water service during construction therefore KS emphasized this in both the design and in the pre-bid meeting with Contractors.

KS Associates performed customary bidding services for the Owner including distributing bid documents, issuing addenda, and attending the bid opening. An analysis of the bids revealed that the horizontal directional drilling (HDD) alternate was the more economical solution. Based on the prices supplied by the low bidder, HDD represented a 14% cost savings. The low bidder came in at $331,440, which was 17.4% below the Engineer’s Estimate.

The County requested that KS provide construction administration services and a full-time resident project representative (RPR) for the construction phase of the project. Construction started in February 2000 and was completed in June 2000, with the final pay estimate approved by the County Commissioners in August 2000. KS held monthly progress meetings with the contractor and the owner, processed pay estimates, reviewed certified payroll reports and processed change orders.

At the start of construction, two underground storage tanks were encountered. The local fire department and the state Bureau of Underground Storage Tanks (BUSTR) had no record of these tanks. The County showed confidence in KS’s RPR by entrusting us with obtaining permits for the removal of the tanks and engaging a state certified contractor to perform the removal of one of the tanks.