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Mark B. Skellenger, P.E.
Vice President

State Route 60 Wastewater Pump Station and Force Main — Erie County Sanitary Engineer

The Erie County Commissioners, upon the recommendation of the Erie County Sanitary Engineer, retained KS Associates to prepare plans and specifications, provide bidding services and provide construction site representation for construction of a sanitary pump station and force main along Sailorway from S.R. 60 to Douglas Street in the City of Vermilion. A cooperative agreement, signed by the City and County in 1989, permitted Erie County to extend sewer service south of the Vermilion corporation limits.

KS relied upon the Vermilion Facilities Plan in defining the service area and estimating the ultimate flows tributary to the pump station. KS worked closely with the personnel of the Erie County Sanitary Engineer's office to design a facility which would be cost effective considering both initial capital costs and ongoing maintenance costs. The client specified that a submersible pump station was desired rather than a wet well/dry well type. Several design meetings were held to assure that the final plan met all of the County's design criteria.

KS provided bidding services including attending a pre-bid meeting and issuing one addendum, attending the bid opening, preparing a bid tabulation, reviewing contractor references, verifying the bonding company and making a recommendation for award. The contractor selected for this project submitted a bid that was 4% below the engineer's estimate.

KS performed shop drawing review for the pump station components and force main. Construction activities began in the spring of 1992, with KS providing full-time project representation during the force main construction and the setting of the precast concrete lift station. The contractor proposed a vertical bore rather than conventional excavation methods for the pump station. KS evaluated the technique and recommended approval to the County. KS provided exceptional communications with both Erie County and City of Vermilion officials throughout the construction. KS approved all pay estimates and processed three change orders, none of which resulted in a change in the contract price.