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Mark B. Skellenger, P.E.
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General Plan for the Elimination of Discharges; Infiltration and Inflow Study; Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Survey — City of Vermilion

On February 21, 1992, the City of Vermilion received Director's Final Findings and Orders from the Ohio EPA. The Findings stated that the City was in violation of their NPDES Permit due to the discharge of untreated sewage from five sanitary lift stations through overflows at: Edgewater Drive (VOL), Jefferson Street, Edison Estates, Park Drive and Romp’s Marina. The orders stated that by May 31, 1992, the City shall submit a General Plan for the elimination of the illegal discharges.

The City of Vermilion retained KS Associates to prepare a General Plan for submittal to the Ohio EPA. KS found that a 1975 study by Havens and Emerson had made a number of recommendations to eliminate discharges, but only a small number of the recommendations were implemented. The General Plan prepared by KS, dated May 31, 1992, addressed: the improvements required to eliminate discharges from overflows; a study of whether the elimination of discharges would disrupt the operations of the wastewater treatment plant; the estimated costs for the proposed improvements; a fixed date compliance schedule for completing all improvements; a discussion of financial mechanisms; a description of interim measures; and a proposal for an Infiltration and Inflow (I&I) Study. The fixed date compliance schedule mandated elimination of discharges by February 5, 1996.

The City of Vermilion subsequently authorized KS to perform the Infiltration and Inflow Study. KS installed seven flowmeters in locations upstream of the five sanitary lift stations. The meters were calibrated and the sanitary sewer slopes where meters were installed were verified by field measurements. Flow readings were taken in October and November 1992, and included at least one rain event. The I&I Study, dated February 3, 1993, concluded that two of the City’s sanitary subsystems, Subsystem C+D “Harbourtown”, and Subsystem H “Liberty Avenue” should be carried on to the next phase of investigation, the Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Survey (SSES). The I&I Study was approved by the Ohio EPA on March 5, 1993.

The City subsequently authorized KS Associates to perform the Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Survey. KS performed drawdown tests of additional pump stations, flow monitoring, manhole inspections, smoke testing, dyed water testing, and television inspection of sewers. KS also prepared a cost-effectiveness analysis. The recommendations presented in the final report dated December 1993 included the following required improvements:

  • Constructing a retention basin at the VOL Lift Station
  • Relining the Elberta Beach Sanitary Sewers
  • Upgrading the Park Drive Lift Station (pumps and forcemain)
  • Completing 75% of the rehabilitation work in subsystem H
  • Upgrading the Romp’s Marina Lift Station (pumps)

The recommendations resulting from the KS Associates studies and reports laid the groundwork for sanitary sewer system improvements that were constructed over the next several years.