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Mark A. Yeager, P.S.
Director of Survey Services

NEORSD Interceptor Surveying and Mapping Project

KS performed a significant role in the completion of the Interceptor Surveying and Mapping (ISM) Project, which involved surveying 1,824 manholes throughout NEORSD’s expansive sewer network. The goal of the project was to collect and document current data regarding the locations and physical characteristics of sewer interceptor manholes for inclusion into NEORSD’s GIS database. KS performed services as a subconsultant to lead design firm AECOM.

NEORSD owns and maintains a large network of sewer interceptors comprised of 127 miles of pipe, many of which were constructed prior to the District’s formation. The interceptors convey the flow of sewage to three wastewater treatment plants and minimize the amount of pollution entering Lake Erie and the Cuyahoga River. The ISM project is part of NEORSD’s initiative to develop and maintain an extensive GIS database containing the physical characteristics of the District’s entire sewer system. The ISM project aims to ensure that manhole coordinates and system connectivity of the interceptors are represented consistently and accurately, providing reliable information for the District’s GIS, Operations and Maintenance, and other departments.

KS Associates’ role on the project was to determine locations and elevations of manholes that provide above-ground access to the interceptors. This included obtaining attribute data such as pipe sizes, inverts and other physical features. Quality control procedures were implemented to provide manhole location and casting elevation data to achieve 0.2’ accuracy. The assignment required the deployment of multiple survey crews over seven months. The project also required the specialized services of confined-space entry for approximately 420 manholes.

The project will ultimately help NEORSD fulfill its mission of leading effective and efficient wastewater and stormwater management programs for Northeast Ohio.