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Mark A. Yeager, P.S.
Director of Survey Services

Confined Space Surveying Services

Confined Space

Surveying in confined spaces poses unique risks that must be addressed to ensure the safety of our workers and the success of your project. Our surveying team receives specialized training to understand these risks, mitigate them, and establish a safe working environment.

Whether you need surveying in tunnels, culverts, sewers, tanks or other enclosed spaces, our Survey Group will conduct a hazard assessment to address your specific project. Our Confined Space Program is compliant with OSHA regulations and is tailored around the unique, potential hazards of each assignment.

KS Associates' Confined Space Program addresses issues such as:

  • Monitoring and Controlling Atmospheric Conditions
  • Recognizing Signs and Symptions of Potential Exposure
  • Standby Rescue Services and First-Aid
  • OSHA Health and Safety Measures
  • Specialized Protective Clothing and Equipment
  • Required Permitting

Our Survey Group follows OSHA heath and safety procedures to perform Confined Space work in the safest manner possible.