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Mark A. Yeager, P.S.
Director of Survey Services

Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority Survey, Cleveland, Ohio

KS Associates provided surveying services to The Cleveland-Cuyahoga Port Authority. KS performed an ALTA/ACSM Land Title Survey over the entire downtown Cleveland Port Site, a drainage survey for the Cleveland Bulk Terminal on Whiskey Island and Submerged Land Lease (SLL) surveys.

The survey of the downtown Port was detailed, providing accurate location of infrastructure including drives, parking areas, buildings and utilities. KS worked closely with Port personnel to research, identify and map utility lines and features that were not apparent from visual inspection. The deliverable provided the Port with one set of drawings they can reference for future development.

Scheduling of the project was critical; work had to be completed prior to the shipping season when access would be limited. KS deployed multiple survey crews to meet the schedule.

The SLL surveys were performed at two locations on Lake Erie. The first contained 376 acres between the U.S. Harbor Line and the U.S. Army Corp of Engineer’s break wall, approximately 1,700 feet into Lake Erie. The SLL extended from E. 9th Street approximately 10,100 feet west to the break wall near the NEORSD Westerly Treatment Plant. A second 109-acre SLL was prepared to encompass the Dike 14 site near E. 88th Street.

KS performed extensive research to determine the historic location of the natural shoreline of Lake Erie prior to “man-made land” that extends into the Lake today.