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Mark P. Cencer, P.E.
Director of Coastal Engineering Services

Madison Township Park - Three Detached Breakwaters, Lake County, Ohio

Sandusky Yacht Club

Madison Township Park is located on the shores of Lake Erie in Lake County, Ohio. The goal of this project was to remove 115 concrete modules obstructing the beach and making it completely inaccessible, then constructing three 105-foot detached armor stone breakwaters with 2,000 tons of sand refill. The project converted a totally inaccessible public beach into a safe beach and a showcase project for Madison Township.

This Design-Build Team was comprised of KS Associates and Shoreline Contractors Inc. The Design-Build project delivery method resulted in cost savings, allowing for the addition of a new boat ramp.

Budget: $500,000
Bid:  $289,970
Schedule: Bids were submitted on March 4, 2010. Permits were obtained in October 2011. Construction commenced one month later in November 2011 and the project was completed in April 2012.