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Mark P. Cencer, P.E.
Director of Coastal Engineering Services

Showboat Property Improvements, City of Huron, Ohio

Gordon Park

KS Associates was selected to help the City of Huron revitalize a long-neglected piece of waterfront property near the North Main Pier. The property, located at the north end of Main Street, was home to the former Showboat Restaurant, a popular tourist destination that went out of business and burned down, leaving the site vacant for nearly 40 years. In 2014, the City purchased the property and is rehabilitating it for future economic development. 

KS's role was to conduct an engineering investigation to evaluate existing site conditions and make recommendations for infrastructure improvements. The investigation included conventional surveying, 3D laser scanning, and bathymetric surveying with a sonar device connected to a GPS receiver.

Following the investigation, KS completed design services for the site’s new infrastructure. The design called for the construction of 368 feet of steel sheet pile bulkhead along the site’s shoreline; approximately 90 feet of armor stone revetment to protect the north face of the site from northerly storms; and a 10-foot wide concrete walkway along the perimeter of the site. KS also assisted the City with bidding and submitted all necessary permitting for the project. 

The $888,533 construction contract was awarded to Huffman Equipment Rental & Contracting Inc. Construction is complete.

According to Andrew White, Huron’s City Manager, “Cleaning up the former Showboat Property site is an important stepping stone toward the development of a Waterfront Promenade. Investing in these infrastructure improvements will help us position the North Main Pier as a desirable public space, viable for commercial development, ultimately providing residents and visitors improved access to Lake Erie and the Huron River.”