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Michael J. Malloy, P.E.
Director of Transportation Services

Inspections of Iconic Movable Bridges, City of Cleveland, Ohio


KS Associates, as Prime Consultant, is providing engineering services for inspection of five iconic moveable bridges along the Cuyahoga River for the City of Cleveland. The project involves hands-on inspections of the Willow Lift Bridge, Center Street Swing Bridge, W. 3rd Street Lift Bridge, Carter Road Lift Bridge, and Eagle Avenue Lift Bridge.
Engineering services will be completed in two phases: I Field Inspection, and Phase II detailed structural, mechanical and electrical inspection finding reports.  

For Phase I, KS conducted thorough field inspection of the structural components of the bridges and directed subconsultants to provide inspections of the mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and electrical, components.

In Phase II, KS will consolidate all findings and submit a comprehensive in-depth inspection report for each structure as per the City of Cleveland, NBIS reporting requirements, and ODOT guidelines. This will include updating all ODOT SMS inventory and inspection records. The in-depth inspection reports will also include detailed recommendations, including prioritizing required rehabilitations based on needs and associated probable costs reports.

All structures will be inspected underwater for river bed and substructure unit conditions in 2017.