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Hamid V. Homaee, P.E.

CUY-90-26.16 Bridge Deck Replacements, ODOT District 12, Cleveland, Ohio


KS Associates was under contract with ODOT District 12 to provide design services to replace the decks of three IR-90 mainline bridges, over East 185th Street (CUY-90-2616), Neff Road (CUY-90-2639), and East 200th Street (CUY-90-2674) in the City of Cleveland. The project also included design services for 1.08 miles of I-90 pavement improvement.

The scope of work included the replacement of deck, approach slabs and back walls; increasing under clearances; and converting to semi-integral abutments. Engineering services include developing plans, specifications, and cost estimates in accordance with ODOT PDP.
KS developed a Maintenance of Traffic Alternative Analysis (MOTAA) for this project. Our team also developed four rehabilitation Alternatives and one recommended Alternative, which maintains all eight lanes of I-90 traffic.

The MOTAA was completed early, in PDP steps, to help determine the most efficient MOT strategy. Merging onto I-90 (WB) at East 185th Street or exiting I-90 WB and entering I-90 EB at East 200th Street during heavy peek time traffic was the team’s focus during development of MOT plans. The Local Street traffic flow during morning rush hours were challenging and needed to be part of planning for the MOT strategy. The PS & E package was submitted in December 2016.

KS is providing as-needed consultation services for the duration of construction. The project is on schedule to be constructed in 2019.