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Hamid V. Homaee, P.E.

Bridgeway Trail — Lorain County Metro Parks

The Lorain County Metro Parks added 11-1/2 miles to the Bridgeway Trail — a 3.5-mile all-purpose trail used year-round by residents and visitors. KS Associates was part of a team that provided engineering and construction services for the project, which was executed in four phases.

Originally, the KS Associates Transportation Group designed and prepared construction plans for the original paved trail, which included a 1,200-foot prefabricated bridge that crosses the Black River at two locations. Today, the bridge remains the highlight of the trail, offering views of the river, a scenic railway bridge and shale cliffs.


“This is a significant opportunity for the park and our community. This project supports our 10-year plan, Preserving the Past: Planning for the Future.” - Dan Martin, Director, Lorain County Metro Parks