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Hamid V. Homaee, P.E.

Nautical Drive Slope Repair, City of Vermilion, Ohio

Nautical DriveWhen an eroded embankment and slope failure along Nautical Drive was reported, the City of Vermilion selected KS Associates to review the deficiency and provide engineering services for its repair. The slope failure extended from West River Road to the entrance of Valley Harbor Marina.

Heavy rains caused the steep embankment along Nautical Drive to slide away from the road, exposing the road edge, guardrail posts, and the bottom of the pavement slab in some areas. The failure was severe enough to warrant the closure of one lane of traffic adjacent to the embankment. 

Soil borings of the slide area indicated that fill material had been placed over shale bedrock during the road’s construction. KS’s design of the slope repair called for constructing a mechanically stabilized earth retaining wall on the bedrock and adding an underdrain to the uphill side of Nautical Drive to improve drainage. One lane of Nautical Drive was removed to allow construction of the wall, while the other lane remained in service.

KS worked with the City and Valley Harbor Marina to complete design and schedule construction after the busy boating season. This allowed boaters to remove boats from the Marina and trailer them along Nautical Drive before construction began. Construction continued through the Winter of 2011 and was completed in March 2012.

Construction Bid Amount: $147,186.