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Hamid V. Homaee, P.E.

Bridge Condition Investigation and Rehabilitation of Overhead Bridges in Fulton and Lucas Counties, Ohio Turnpike & Infrastrucure Commission

OTIC Bridge Inspections

KS Associates provided design and inspection services for 14 bridges over I-80/I-90 in Fulton and Lucas Counties. The $84,000 engineering contract commenced in June 2013. The project represents a $2 million investment in one of the most convenient East/West routes in northern Ohio. The project was executed in two phases:

Phase 1 called for performing site inspections and load rating analyses to determine each bridge’s capacity and ability to meet current and future travel demands; identifying needs for structural maintenance and repair; developing recommendations for structural improvements; and providing design services for approved recommendations.

Phase 2 called for construction administration and construction inspection services. KS identified cost-effective maintenance and repair alternatives, minimized traffic disruption and helped the Commission to provide a safe and efficient travel experience for Ohio Turnpike customers.

KS Associates specializes in inspection, load rating and design services for all types of bridges, including the 14 multi-span steel beam and concrete deck bridges as part of this project. KS Associates is pre-qualified by the Ohio Department of Transportation to perform bridge inspection and design services at the highest attainable levels.