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Hamid V. Homaee, P.E.

West River Road Reconstruction Project Phase I, Vermilion, Ohio

The amount of freezing and thawing from a particularly brutal winter exacerbated the poor condition of the soil structure beneath West River Road. This cultivated a greater number of potholes and deficiencies along the route. KS Associates provided engineering services to correct those deficiencies and provide a more safe and stable roadway.

KS Associates prepared an analysis to determine the optimal method for repair, provided preliminary design, and prepared final construction plans. The design called for resurfacing West River Road, reducing hillside erosion by adding curbs on the east side of the roadway, adding catch basins at sag locations and storm sewers to outlet stormwater, replacing substandard guardrail to improve safety, and constructing aggregate drains and underdrains throughout the length of the project. Work also involved removing obstructions from the clear zone, including one utility pole, to improve visibility and driver safety.

KS Associates also provided topographic surveying services for the project.

Construction of this $551,000 project was awarded to paving contractor A. J. Riley, Inc. of Norwalk, Ohio, and was completed in 2014.