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Hamid V. Homaee, P.E.

Bridge Load Rating of Four Arch Bridges, Cuyahoga County Office of Public Works, Ohio

KS Associates load rated three large arch bridges and one historic concrete frame bridge as part of the CEAO load rating program. Work was performed for the Cuyahoga County Office of Public Works.

KS utilized existing plans and field measurements, to develop the analysis model. Because arch bridges are not easily analyzed using traditional rating programs, KS utilized SAP 2000 to develop models and to rate the bridges.

The structures included:

  • CUY-00193-0049 - Cedar Point Road over the Rocky River (Olmsted Falls)
  • CUY-00011-1110 - Miles Road over the Chagrin River (Chagrin Falls)
  • CUY-00073-0320 - Monticello Blvd. over the W. Branch of Euclid Creek (South Euclid)
  • CUY-00069-0857 - Hilliard Road over the Rocky River (Lakewood/Rocky River)